Presentation, organization and projects

ELFP - Escola de Línguas e Formação Profissional, Lda. with legal entity Nº 505930722 and CAE (Business Area Classification) 85592 was founded in 1992. In 1995 was founded VIP - Gabinete de Traduções Técnicas, Lda, which was associated with ELFP. Both are headquartered in Queluz.

ELFP provides technical and legal translation services, including consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. The company provides translations of catalogues in the auto industry and marketing material including project coordination.

Currently ELFP and VIP have about 32 employees of several nationalities. These are accredited professionals with extensive experience in specialist areas of technical translation and interpretation.

Translations are generally the work of native speakers of the target language, so we have employees of the following nationalities: German, English, Spanish, French and others such as Russian, Romanian etc.

ELFP's and VIP's facilities comprise 7 rooms equipped with a range of the latest generation IT facilities. We therefore offer excellent conditions for management of large projects, with resources for collaboration by more than 12 translators, ensuring optimum quality and speed.

ELFP and VIP have worked in partnership with the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training on several training courses and they have also participated in several tenders and major projects in the construction, telecommunications and automation, including: